Sunday, January 8, 2012

Expecto Petronum

Howey,bubblebutts!How's your day?Is it great?:)
Well,who likes Monday?The day when we want holiday again and again,and hope something big happen or we suddenly get sick,so we won't go to school.Hahaha!
So,when my dad asked me to woke up this morning,I wish I can't stay in bed 5 minutes more,eerrrmmm,it was like my bed doesn't want to let me go :'( I was so pretty regret why I wanted to watched Harry Potter till late,last night.I'm so sleepy until I reached school,and wish can close my eyes for a lil bit while.Well,but you can't avoid insane besties that make some insane stuffs right?lol.Hahahaha,enough enough enough,now go ahead!check out my greatest (quite long) wishlist for this whole aww-some 2012!;;)

Alexander McQueen's Clutch

Knitted Beanie hat

Topshop white lace dress
Topshop socks
Nintendo Wii
Louis Vuitton: 100 legendary trunks 's book

 Topman tartan blazer
Asos collar

John Lennon's rounded glasses

Blackberry Torch Red
Alexander Wang sunglasses

Forever21 peter collar shirt

And the last!

Red volkswagen beetle!

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