Sunday, January 15, 2012

Gust of wind

Hola,mi amor.
Quite busy today,cleaning house,remove useless things,decoration,making cookies,you know Chinese new year's almost here!hehehhe,I'm superduperhyper excited!Red pockets,new outfits,cookies!Ayayayayy!
But yet so exhausted thou,carrying heavy things like table,gigantic flower pot, back's hurt badly :(

But hehehe,sadly to say,I can posts my outfits stuffs one or twice a week only.Well,its all because of 2 reasons.I'm too busy or I'm too!

PS. One of this outfits is sponsored by Jovani Octavia!lol.She's my first sponsor anyway!

Plaid collar shirt-Quicksilver Knitted crop tee-Jovani's Check dress-Mango suit Bag-Mom's

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