Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Heyow,how's going on?:)

4 days to go,buddies!My 2nd bro will back in town at Sunday,midnight plane maybe with his girlfriend.Well,I dunno why his girlfriend would like to come and stay here,I mean,look here!Is it better than Jakarta?Oh please.Just tiny silly hometown,with a bunch of people who likes to gossiping and judging what's happening,who's divorced,who's having a new boyfriend,and something shining or "weird" that you wear.Hehehehe,sorry,too talkative,but maybe what I'm talking about 65% is fact.Yeah,I'm absolutely hyper talkative.Uhuk.

Guess what happened to me?I had a haircut yesterday!Not too short,maybe just 3-4 cm lah,to make it look tidy.Actually I'd cut my bangs super duper shorty a month ago,but my mom forced me to cut it shorter again.Uhhnohhhhhhh:'(
By the way,Josvita had a haircut too,the class kids said our hair makes us look like a twins!lol.
Homework hyper sucks!Same and same routine everyday!brain-storming!and tuition!I hate the word "tuition",so not cool,grawll.Gimme longgg holiday please :(

 I'm craving for this :(


And the last....



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