Friday, January 27, 2012

Oven & bake gloves


Pardon moi for not updating my blog soooo much longtime,and of course I miss all of you.
Hehehe,cause I get busy and lazy lately.Prepared for chinese new year stuffs ya know.
My 2nd bro already headed back to Jakarta yesterday and his gf going back 2 days earlier,and suddenly I miss them both so much and I miss hang out till late night with them,did insane things with them.
Well,I'd an unimportant silly confession,but I'm still here to share it with all of you.Muahahaha
So,its all began when we went to Bakso Amat to ate lunch.Well,the meatballs are nice,its quite crowd there,maybe because the meatballs are famous.We ate greedily because we were hungry thou,and I REALLY didn't realize anything.REALLY.And when I finished them all.And I say,"Woah,two thumbs up for the meatballs!" and my bro like "Of course!those all were made from beef!" The meatballs are made from beef.yes,beef.BEEF.I was like.... okay..I'd promise myself not to eat beef for the rest of my life.So I told them not to told mom,and they like "okayyy" but then we reached home,bro went to my room and said,I mean shout! "Sunny ate beef meat!Sunny ate beef meat!lalala " So,I closed my door and told him to shut up,so my mom won't hear it.I'm DEAD if my mom read this.Oh,hi mom!lol

By the way,me and mom baked some easy simple cookies for the CNY,like kue bangkek,cornflakes,and etc.So,I post some pics that I'd took when we baked.Yeah,I know CNY had passed,well better than never right?:p

The infinite cookies.Swaggg

I love the colour of the confetti!:3

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