Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Hello,my deers 
What a supeeeerrrbb busy day!as busy as bee,seriously.
Start and end up school with a bunch of unfinished homework, deadline, crappy teacher, exam schedule and some kind of shit. Rawfff,sadly  luckily,I skipped my chemistry school tuition. So,I can take a breath.
You know its mean, chilling at the canteen as usual, gossiping, joking around, temple run, oh yeah that's how we roll in baby,ahak yeah ahak.

When I arrived home just now, my mom suddenly told me that today is 3rd brother birthday. Oh my shit,are you serious? I mean, as I remember, his birthday is on March or Maysomething. OMFG,no money no money on pocket. How can I buy something for him? Fuuu,it's not good,baby. Maybe we will have dinner outside tonight, especially for him of course. Well,sengil chukhahae brotherrrrrrrr! keep rocking the stage! Well,I know you won't see this, I don't have any penny right now and I just wish nothing but the best for youu!

As I promised last..I don't know when lah. I'll upload some outfits pics. I used my mom's old blazer, she know that I like outfit,so she gave me. Muchas gracias, mom! hahahaha. Watch out,these all images will distract your eyes!lol. Not so good but please enjoy, mi amor.

Oversized blazer- Diane von Furstenberg Plaid shirt- Topshop Checked pants, Bag, Belt, Rounded glasses-  Unbranded

Oversized blazer- Diane von Furstenberg Typography Tank, Leopard maxi skirt- Unbranded

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