Monday, February 20, 2012

Sweet as revenge

How's your monday?Nay or yay?
I can't describe how I am today, so so tired as usual and got heavy headache.Oh my.
Yesterday,dad,mom,and I had a short trip to Brastagi today,I got a headache and so super lazy to go,but my dad forced me to go. Argh.pathetic. I kept sleeping in the car, had lunch, go back to car, and sleep again. Went to Lumbini,and after that slept at the car again. Arh,I can't forced my eyes not to go to sleep. I'm so so so so so so sleepy and headache is killing me till now.
Mom and I went to the market to bought some fresh vegetables home. Fyi, the vegetables they sell in there are  completely fresh. So,no regret to buy it. And,Mom bought a lot of red juicy strawberries ! Hehe,so when I arrived home from school, I made strawberries with chocolate fondue or whatever its name.

Fyi, the chocolate is messed up! Grrmpphh! Its all because I'm so careless when I wanted to took it up from boiled water, the chocolate was awash by the water. It became.. err,I don't know how to say, but it still delicious thou! Hahahaha.

Well,tomorrow is Jovani's day! How come,dude? She joined girls basketball team for DBL basketball match. Its like a match or competition joined by a bunch of schools in Medan,and you know, we're one of them! Woo-Hoo! We'll be her supporters tomorrow! So,our plan is skip English subject at the afternoon. OMFG,I never skip school before. But,it will be my very first time thou ;) hahahaha!
Wish her so much much much muchness good luck tomorrow !
Tomorrow is your day!
Win the match!
Make us proud! Hahahaha
Go Jovani !
Go lucky #8 !

Kay,enough for today,foe! Frankly,my dad has confiscated my laptop start today. But,I still play it thou! :D Hahaha,okay then,I've to study now! *nerdy face*

Au revoir,ma belle,


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