Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Guns & Roses

Hiiiiiiii :)
Well,from where should I start ?
As you know, today is....Valentine's day! Happy? No? Well,I can't describe my feeling today. Hahahaha! Its mix together like pancake dough!
This morning,when I was finished shower,and came into my room to changed uniform,and guess what?I found a tiny pinky teddy bear with chocolates in it appeared at my dressing table. I'm confused,OMFG, who gave me this thing? So,I asked my mom & dad,but they didn't know anything.Well,when I came home from school and I asked my bro, apparently,my bro gave it to me.He said that he bought it last night for me. Well,I can't still believe it. Really? HAHAHA. Why?
So,I gave each one of my best girls a small tiny gift,hahaha, chocolate of course, as you know. (Note: Is it possible if I gave them each one an Ipad? ) And,I got chocolate and macaroons. Hehehe,Superb. And Roby treated us chocolate bar too,how sweet he is! Well,today's so special for them who celebrate it,and so fucked up for single mingle like me. Hahahaha,well,who cares? I've many friends that worth to me. TROLOLOL. So, thankyouuuu,everyone for all your love and care.
Have yourself a warmly valentine's day 

Thing I thought alien sent me.
How I love the buttercream smell.Smells like heaven,man
Well,enough for today.Will going to bed now.
Spread da love,

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