Monday, February 13, 2012

Embrace my heart

Hellooooo,dulce amigos :)

What's up,cool people?Its been couple days I didn't update anything. Hehehe,pardon moi,ma belle. So tired lately,you know, shits always happens anywhere,anytime. And now, still tired and sleepy as hell. But, I'm still here to spilled out what happened to my daily life.
So babe, yesterday we went to Clarissa's birthday party at Sun, a bunch of us, like 17 people came. Yeah,too crowd I guess, tiresome. By the way,I bought a book yesterday, Dear John. I think it's such an interesting book. Thick,and not too expensive.So,my wallet won't

Fyi, I cried yesterday AT THE MALL.IN FRONT OF A BOOK STORE. IN FRONT OF STRANGERS. HAHAHA,GREAT. What a baby,what a baby,what a babyyy! Asdfghjklzxcvbnm. Tiny shit happened,maybe I took it too seriously,haha,you know,first day of period. Problem with me and your ass will gone.
Nothing will happen tomorrow. Nothing,okay? Because it's just an ordinary tuesday with a lot of pinky things.
Oh my,please. Don't expect too much,ma fille. I'm not that special.

So today,school routine.You know lah,I told you all a zillion times about school stuffs. Its all just the same. Being scolded because I didn't bring chemistry booklet. I mean lost.Hehehe
Went to tuition today with Jovani.Hahaha,how studious are we.Won't skip tuition again lah  :(
Will update outfits pics soon.So,let wait and see ;)
As I said,I'm sleepy as fuck.Will hit bed earlier.
Stay tune!

(Note: No pics for today,I'm too lazy to upload.)

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