Friday, February 10, 2012

Pink puma

Ola,mi amor 
It's Friday!It's Friday!Fridayyyy!
OMFG,time flies so fast you know,I mean I just felt like yesterday is still Monday ! Woo-hoo! Weekend is coming,dude! And day by day,I feel older and older. Geez,and forever alone.UHUK.
Well,we have a nice day today! :D 
We all watched Ju-On horror movie from Silvya's Ipad (Note it,not MINE) Guess what? it was really freaking fun! It was like a bunch of people came to our seats and watched it together.Feeling like moviegoers,huh? 
We watched it at lunch time,so I ate my lunch while watching it. And the best part is i'm choked up when the ugly ghost appeared.Whathefuuuuu,I'm dying.HAHAHA. Nice try,ghost.
We had computer exam today.Seriously,it was so horrible if no one helped.Thankyouuu so much Melina!Oh my darling,I love youuuuuu!♡ (The Indian Song suddenly appears) and Vincent,and Idden too! You guys are my hero!Hahahaha.
But Jovani's computer class's teacher is really insane,psycho or something,he asked them to make the table themselves,I mean table,not the table that we put something on it.Grawl,you know what I mean,right?Yes,make it themselves!It was like 5 or 6 tables in it.What do you mean,dude?ARE YOUU FUCKING CRAZEHHHH?  (OMG,can you guys sensor it?) What a no brain teacher with an ugly beard. Do you think that's so cool? NOT AT ALL.When the bell rang,they still can't finished their test.But it's all not their fault.It's YOU.See,I hate you! Even you're not my teacher probably. If you're my teacher,lemme kick your ass up to the nebula!
Geez.I think I'm talking too much today.Hahaha,it's like passing 140 characters of a tweet.
Kay then,enough for today.
See you soon,ma belle 

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