Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Society's fucked


It's so hot as hell here. I'm at my room. It's like 72 degrees. Oh my. Aircon off, cause I'm too lazy to reach the remote. And, I'm on hurry. Because if my dad know I'm on laptop, he will fried me into a crispy duck. HAHA, not funny.
Wednesday as usual, a bunch of shitty homework, exam will come soon like bitch. Haha,pardon my language. Well lately, I finally know the pressure to deal with bunch of homework, and my bad hobby (and others too) is copied other people homework,well who don't knows it? it's student's dirty little secret. It's still not enough and really like really not enough. And,everything seems so hard and tiring . Errghh. I even haven't do my bahasa homework,which my teacher will checked it tomorrow. See?  geez.

So, it sounds like my dad is coming here. Exit now. Bye


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