Thursday, March 1, 2012

Unfortunately lucky


Today is the first day of March.
For God's sake, I can't tell how dirty, smelly and oily my face and hair is. Its just like really really dirty. I just arrived home from school. So fucking exhausted. You know what? We cleaned-up our local room just now, I just really really realize how many rubbish we make in a day. Maybe in a year, we could make a rubbish Eiffel tower in our school. But, it was so much fun and excited! :D
A bunch of our classmates ( Well,not all, obviously only who care about our class and willing to join as a volunteer ) *Is it looking obvious that I was being sarcastic?*
First, we cleaned up the markers and pen ink on every single table door windows whiteboard and wall with thinner, we swept the floor like ten times all over again, and also scraped ugly dirty chewing gum that stuck on the floor, wiping each patch of floor with cloths that we cut into small pieces, and for the final touch we wiping all the floor like 3  or 4 times. Sound easy? Well, fuck you. It needs like 3 hours and 15 patient human to do it.
Fun? Yes,of course I admitted it. We did it with laugh, smile, good music and good cooperation ( But not like in the snow white movie yeah ) Although we don't know how much sweat and time we spend for all of this. They'll just come tomorrow, get shock, and after that they'll destroy all our hard-earned like throw rubbish anywhere they wanted to, or write off the table with fucking shit things.
Hey, if you still have a lil bit just a little bit conscience, please take care of our class. Well, if you still care thou.

Thanks for the 14 others precious volunteer, without you all, our class is really nothing.

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