Monday, March 5, 2012

Saturday,4 March 2012

How's your weekend? :)
Another pathetic day on my life. Woke up earlier and had my tuition twice today. Actually, we have a plan to continue to paint our classroom when we finished our tuition, but the securities didn't allowed us to entered school, kinda shit,dude. Its all because of our retarded crazy principal. We can't do anything right now. So, tomorrow we have to go to school earlier than ever to tidy up the class. Phiuh, what a pathetic. Uber sleepy and tired, my head like spinning around all the time. I need nap, but when I trying to close my eyes and relax, I couldn't stop imagine and thinking about useless shit things. *sigh*
So,the previous night, we chilling at Dante's as usual to have some night coffee. Well,I didn't drink coffee yesterday, I ordered mocktails. Maybe that's the problem. I didn't drink coffee? WAHAHA, what kinda bullshit is that. The point is when I typing this stuff, my eyes like half open and half closed. So damn sleepy.
Exam coming soon, like 4 days to go. Chemistry act like shit. I prefer math and physics thou.
Hey, I'd just realized that everytime I post my daily stuff, it doesn't take more than 2 or 3 paragraphs? Don't you notice? lol. Btw, I bought these just now. Check 'em out ;)

Justin Bieber's favorite candy. MUAHAHAK *feel like a boss*

See ya soon,

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