Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hard candy with suprise center

Hello sweetie-pie! :)
So,how's your weekend? Still lying on the couch and watching TV for couple hours? Bitch please,come' on! You need some fresh air, today's weather is still not bad thou ;)
I'm back from having brunch with my whole family. Actually, my grandma have a birthday today. But, we will celebrate it tomorrow night. Happy birthday grandma! Have a long life and stay healthy! xx
Well, I'd opened a new lookbook account! Still krik krik krik, and boring. Hahaha! Actually, I have a lookbook a long time ago,but I already forgot the id name and password. So, go to hell, I make the new one :b
Fyi, don't forget to hype my outfits pic lovebirds, just simply click the hype button below the pic. So easy right?
By the way, I'll post my outfits post soon enough! Keep calm and stay tune! ;)

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