Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Part of me

Hello unyuuu people! lol

How do you do, amigos? Still shocked about the riots demo thingy? hah, calm down. Its totally not dangerous but yeah its pathetic and troubling maybe? Demo about government plan to decrease fuel prices happened in this town lately, well, obviously the price will decrease from IDR 4500 to IDR 6000, that's why people hold protests and riots demonstrations. Terrible. That's why our school is so desolate lately, mostly their parents don't allowed their beloved children to go to school. Err, le me. I went to school yesterday and today, class was dying. Yesterday, our class contains 17 homosapiens, but 3 others went home, so 14 people lived. Well, it was still pretty cool. But today! The most outrageous day on school ever! only 5 people attend the class. Look? Pathetic. Only ade, me, jovani, stephanie,and wiyogo went to chemistry lab. 3 people stayed in class when religion subject. Before the religion class began, me and stephanie went to canteen to bought kebab, we ate at the next class. Lol, when class began we always excused to went in and out in again and out. The teacher wasn't mad at all. Hahaha, why teachers are so kind and lovely today?

I just saw in TV, its said that Denmark's fuel price was IDR 17000 in 2011, and they think that the gasoline prices are still reasonable. Wow. But we? well, we're not so-oh-that-rich. But,it still quite reasonable right? than the government that will bear the loss. Well  more than that, wish these all will end as soon as possible. Don't know why, so feeling insecure when we try to went out from the door. The reason will always be: Not safe. Errrrrgh. Its been a long time I didn't post my webcam photos. Haha, so it's the time!
Warning: Too many pics.You'll get enchanted.lol

Adios,fluffy cats! x)

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