Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rounded glasses- Unbranded Vest- a/t  Floral dress- NEXT Black star charm bracelet- Phoebe and Chloe Elephant charm bracelets,wood bangle- Souvenir Socks- Sox gallery Black wedges boots- Gift

Wassap' dude?
Hehe, the reason I didn't update my blog lately is because I'd run out my internet credits. lol

Well, I just woke up and type this stuff. My family were out since 6 o'clock, they went to you know, Cheng Beng? Nah, that's a month when the Chinese visiting their ancestors, grandfather, or relatives who have died, and give them some food or provide prayers. I didn't join, because I was told to stay at home. Pathetic.

As I promised, I'll post my outfits stuff. Well, keep calm and enjoy it ;)


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