Monday, March 12, 2012

Okay,first,ya I know,last time I said that I gonna disappear like a couple week,but I'm here.
Hahahaha, yeah,I can't stop thinking of you,guys.Hahaha,just joking,I can't help not to open my blog,and 9gag! Yeah,I'm so stressed lately,like really really lah. So tired of studying. The exam still continues. Tomorrow is economics turn. Fug my school life.What a pathetic high school year. Spending our life studying things that aren't guarantee of our future's success. Brhjlkhdfasgfdlgp.
Fyi, my 2nd bro will come back to hometown tomorrow because his company sent him here, will stay here like 4 days, 2 days at JW Marriot, and at our house for 2 days. I'm uber excited!
Well, I'd updating a new playlist. Don't ya notice? Hehehe, I add new songs in it, like Owl city, Ed sheeran (omg,he's my new crush!), and John Mayer. I'm afraid of it won't play the songs when you open my blog -_-
So, if you find it won't play song or error something, just leave a comment. hahaha, I'll fix it soon.
 *feel like a boss*
I suddenly realized that I posts useless, boring and crappy things on my blog. Hehe, pardon moi, some are memories and some are junkies posts. Yeah,I won't delete it thou, i think that that's the function of blog. To keep memories stay longer. Isn't it?;)


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