Sunday, March 18, 2012

Yesterday was one of my worst day. Lemme tell you da story.
The story started when my brother asked me to join him at Sun in the afternoon. He told me to went there by myself, because he already arrived there a couple hours ago. So, I went there by Becak from school. You know Becak right? The three wheels public transport, if you are Medanese and you don't know it, just go to hell. So, I arrived there like 1.30 pm, my brother texted me before said if I already arrived, just contact him and geez, I just realized my phone didn't had any pulsa ( I don't know the name in English, so pardon moi ), I can't text nor call. So, I decided to walked around the mall to look for my brother while waiting him to call me back. So, I taking out my phone all the time to see if my brother call back. When suddenly I feel like my phone was vibrating, it accidentally slipped from my hands and fell hardly to the floor. So, I picked it out and realized that the LCD screen was broken, the light still on but full of abstract lines. I was like, for God's sake, I'm really really fucked up. When I tried to reboot it, it still like that! Geez. Geez. Geez, I'm so fucking panic. So, I walked around the mall like retarded creature, and peek every cafe or restaurant to see if my brother was in there or not. From the ground floor to the first floor, second floor, third floor, fourth floor, and back to down again. I even checked the department store, you know the feeling wearing uniform and carrying books and papers alone to the department store? Feel like a retarded G6.
So, I went to the book stores, the last place on Earth I haven't checked. I'm hungry for sure, so exhausted as hell but life must go on! So I got in, and searching for that ugly guy, not a good book. Still didn't found him. Geez, the last plan in my brain was you know, borrow a stranger phone to call my brother. Yes, that's the plan. So, I was searching for someone who has an angel face that possibly would lent me their phone. When I was intend to walking out the store, suddenly I saw a young lady! with her boyfie. Hah! Nice catch! The young lady has a pretty angel face, and seems kind. So, I went to her and asked for a phone with an innoncent face. Her reaction was like, okay.. You're freaking me out, what do you want from me? phone? for what?  and she called her boyfriend. And her boyfriend was like, okay, I thought that this high school girl is your friend. Yes, they're nice. Her boyfriend lent me his phone and asked me where I study yeah some question like that. When I finished my call, I turned back, and said, " HAH! Got you, madafaka! " and run for my life and take his phone with me. Lol! I was kidding. Of course I gave back the
phone and said thank you for many times.
When I found my bro I like wanna chop him to thousand pieces and fried him into boiled hot oil. But, I felt so lucky either! hah! Like finally! God, thankyou! These all payed when my bro seeing my very dying phone and asked if I want to buy new phone or not. I was like, are you serioussssss? But eventually I decided not to buy a new phone thou. I'd rather use that money to see Lady Gaga's concert on the upcoming 3th June. Trolololol.

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