Saturday, April 7, 2012


Hi, ola, bonjour lovely human! :)
Just finished watching Slumdog Millionaire for twice, omfg, still crying like baby while watching it. So so so deeply touching and can't hold my tears, geez. Well, the best part when Jamal finally met Latika at the train station, how Jamal went to Latika, and hug her tightly, Latika said," I thought we'll meet each other when we die." and Jamal said, " Its our destiny." Uggggghhhhhhhhhh, envy envy envy envy. Okay, I'm starting to be a lil bit mellow-dramatic -____-  Yes, it's quite old movie, 2008 I guess. But for anyone who hasn't watch it, then you must! hahahaha, I'm serious. Well, Indian movie wouldn't enough and perfect without splashy dance and song right? So are here. hahaha, but only at the end of story lah. Not so many like other Indian movies. But okay this is only my opinion, I think that Jamal brother have a little bit same face with Bruno Mars. Okayyyyy, that's just my opinionnnnnn! Don't laughhh! -_-
By the way, this movie received like 118 awards,seriously. So, it's definitely worth watching ;)

J:  Come away with me.
L: Away? Where? And live out what?
J:  Love.

 They're sweet being together. Don't you think so?


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