Friday, April 6, 2012

That's how we roll in

How are youuuu guys?:D
By the way, today is such a good friday, we have holiday because of Easter day. So, happy Easter day for those who celebrate it! ;)
Well, hibernate at home and surviving with food on fridge, omfg, I really eat a lot today.
Jovani went to pilgrimage yesterday, the place is quite far away from Medan, so she won't come to school tomorrow. Melina still galau about bag she want to buy. Yeah, she's easily galau. lol
Bad news happen just now. My brother's friend came to fetched my phone, yes, the LCD's screen recurrence again. Errhhh, so annoying lah. Me and Jovani have an online shop on BBM, so we've to update stuffs on BBM group everyday. Not everyday, but frequently thou. And if something important leh? So how to contact me? Duh, see? So complicated lah. So, dear phone, get well soon as possible, if no, mommy will so overwhelmed here! :(



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