Friday, April 20, 2012

Red blooded creature

Alohaaahhhh! :)
Above are random pictures on my camera! I've much spare time and got nothing to do, so I posted it to kill boredom attack. Hahahaha! 
How's your day, guys? Weather in our hometown is sucks, like it's going to rain this whole week. So lazy lazy and lazy. Feel like locked myself in room and crawl to bed.

By the way, today I come to school as usual, I mean full one day subject, not only afternoon., really happy to see all my classmates you know, then sitting at home like retarded creature doing nothing. Pathetic thing is wake up at 6 like usual, so so so not my style. But it's a must. At least for 2 years ahead.

When will I stop complaining about my school life? IT'S IMPOSSIBRUUUU!

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