Monday, April 23, 2012

Those kind of things

Goodmorningg, everyone! Have a nice mondayy!
I've post pictures I love above, hehe, so my post won't be meaningless. Well, having holiday again today, but I've english tuition at 3. Will get shower soon but I'll finish my typing first.
I don't know why, suddenly I'm feeling thankful about what I've till today, I've a great family who loves me, awesome friends around me, nice clothes to wear, and still go to school, even that sometimes I always grumble about teacher, homework, exam, and etc. I like having month of life lesson, lol. I'm serious. Many things I should learn and learn and never stop learning, because I realized that I'm not expert of things that other people can do it well, like example, chemistry, math, grammar, and many other subjects. Sometimes I felt a lil bit low-self-esteem you know.
Fyi, I always try to be a better person, not a kind of person that when they see us they are like, " Hey, we don't need her, she's kind of useless." kind like that. Changed is a constant thing in life and it's bound to happen. You've to changed to be success, or you'll stay to be a loser. Hah, suddenly I felt so Mario Teguh. Salam super! Muahahahaha. But after all, sooner or later, everybody will changed for their own good.
We have to accept them right? :)))

" Be grateful of what you have, don't until you'll be grateful of what you ever had."

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