Monday, July 2, 2012

I can almost kiss the star

Hey fellows! Geez it's monday. Not much thing to do, just rolling over bed and watching dvd marathon as usual. But I love it tho. that's kinda thing I can't do anymore when school start. And I'm somekind of having insomnia lately, not lately actually, since I'm having my holiday. I can't sleep before 12 midnite, it's really killing me. I don't drink caffeine either. hweh.
Well, last night was a disaster. We were attend my far far siblings ( in my opinion ) wedding party. We went there at 5, too early for a party huh? yeah, they held somekind of tea ceremony like.. arh, too hard to explain to you, it's our chinese culture stuffs. And it was really awkward. like really really. So crowded. But hey I felt lonely. Nobody to talk to actually. Yeah, I mean " really talk fun things ". They just like, " heyy, you're so big now! " " How old are you now? " or " Do you sit in senior high school? " They all almost ask the same fckin question everytime. Ohhhh I mean, stop this bullshit, if you know what I mean. Plus, I'm only person who use lace-up sneakers in there, like everyone, include kids using high heels, omfg, society is way too exaggerate these day, how cannnn? I really felt super duper awkward. I'm so regret of being there, if not because my mom forced me to, I don't even want to. I attend the last wedding party was last year, and this is the first one in this year. hahaha, I know I know what you're thinking. By the way I add a lil bit stuff on blog, hope ya like it anyway. Okay okay, I'll stop blabbing.

Exit, adios!

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