Monday, September 17, 2012

Rawk and role.


So, this is my current obsession for this month. I'm freaking excited!
Okay, chopchop, let's start! :-D

Top (from left to right) : Tweed jacket / chunky stone ring / Motorbike leather jacket / Sweater (always be on my list) / Quirky earring / Chain bracelet / Studded bow-tie / Denim jacket / Leather watch ( I craved this to die) / Snapback / Boots / PVC skirt / Studded bracelet / Gold short / Sequin short / Croc skin clutch / Studded box bag / Black creepers /

I'm so into black, leather, and stud, something that you can say as simple and classic, so those are my fashion wishlist that I can't wait to accomplish soon! xx

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