Sunday, September 30, 2012

Night with white satin

I'm backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.
Sorry for taking a nap for almost 2 weeks,lol. Last time, I went to Jakarta to attend my sibling's wedding for a couple days and try to chasing my pile-up assignments plus damn damn damn supplementary exams that I begged my teacher to. Way pathetic. Now, I have much spare time to post something here. Because, it's Saturday night!
Below are some pics I took at 23rd September night. Actually met many many people there, but mostly they talk with jakarta getthoe language, which sometimes I didn't understand what they're talking about. Soob.
Well,this will gonna be a long post. So, be patient and take a look. Hehehe

Let me tell ya, 98% of those decoration in this ballroom are fresh roses. *kamseupay*
except the petals carpet below, it's fake one.

I'm so in love with this petals carpet. Maybe I'll have one in my wedding someday :$

The giant wedding cake ( I'd pinched the cake after the party over, it's rough foam covered with cream -_-)

I like those hanging small flowers upside, I'd saw somekind like that on Edward Cullen and Bella's wedding party on Breakind dawn part I

My forced smile?

Those moments

Kebabs. Actually there were so manymanymany delicate food. A lot I mean, so I better use my time to feed my belly than took pics of them one by one.

Photo that we took at instant photobooth. I was so humped rite..

  This is my 2nd brother with her gf

Hahha, my brother won a teddy bear when the groom threw like 4 or 5 teddy bears from the stage. It's like the bride tradition who throw a bouquet of flowers where the girls try to catch the flowers. Yeah, somekind like that. And they asked those who won teddy bears to went up to stage and guess what, the groom asked them all to dance oppa gangnam style. Seriously, epic fail! Especially my brother, he was insane! Unfortunately my camera suddenly can't work so I can't record that epic moment. -_-

Actually I took a lot of pictures, maybe I'll add some in this post if I have much spare time again.
So, the party ended. See ya soon, Jakarta.

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