Monday, October 8, 2012

Cold knees

Still suffering from freezing night and hiding under the blanket. We'd bad weather lately.
Rain badly at night and it's sucks. We'd severe floods on the streets near our house. And sometimes my bedroom floor is wet because of water flowing through my bedroom window.
I think it's quite absurd because it's hot like hell at daytime and cold as fuck at night. Geez.
Anyway, below are some daily random pics I took this month.

Finallyyy, the book I'm craving for a long time! I bought it at last minute on airport bookstore.
Actually it has many beautiful words which I love, and one of my favourite books.


Nails we did on class last Saturday. Up: Did by jovani and the middle finger tribal made by melina
 Down: Did by aldy (my seat mate) #epicfail lol

#ootd My dad suggested me to wore warm outfits a couple days ago when we were hang out, because of the crappy cold weather. So, I tried to mix warm and comfy. Hihihi

Guide to a healthy

Enough for today!

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