Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Daily dose

Firstly I want to say Happy birthdayy for Silvya, Evander, and Meghna, they've their birthday today. Wish nothing but always all the best!<33 Perhaps they don't see this......tho?

Lately, I dunno wtf is going on in our school. Okay, this maybe offensive for some of you guys. But what's the point is, I just wanna spill my thoughts to you all.
So its started when there were some news and gossip that our school will come some visitors  from korea, and they're all students (ex. teenagers) Well, not so many people really get into it I think. And yesterday they came, they arrived at our lovely school with a big fat tourism bus, many students (include me, yes) take a peek at them from the window of our classroom. Some said that they're 10 girls 8 boys or 9 girls 9 boys, I don't really know specificly. They're very welcome by our school, too welcome actually. The girls on our school driving theirselves crazy about those korean students, especially the boys, they screamed histerically when they were passed through them. Some took their pics like insane paparazzi and keep calling them with oppa oppa. Omo, wtf.
Some students memorized their names easily more than memorizing biology latin words. And they are always  followed by their loyal fans wherever they go, too crazy to say, toilets? One of my friend also took pic with one of the korea girls on the bathroom. I can't imagine how many times and how tired they are to served them one by one and took tons of photos with them. Omfg. Seriously go get a life.
They're still ordinary students and teenagers. Not even celebrities. And some obsessive girls asked for an autograph. Dude, I think you've got too far. I'm not envy with them seriously. I'm so excited too, having foreign students and visitors that comes from far country like korea, one of my dream destination. But still not like that, kay? People will see our country differently, I mean weird way, not the good way. They think we're somekind of freaky tacky people errrrrrr I don't know. Anyway, I just saw my twitter timeline full of people asking for follow back from the korean girls that probably don't know who they are.
Totally insane, I think I got goosebumps and sort of wanna puck. Sorry for being mean and type such an offensive post.
Next post will be outfit post, probably. So stay tune.

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