Tuesday, November 27, 2012


The belief that a certain person has to belong a group that has similar attributes.
Black/African American/Nigga- thugs, criminals, theives, speaks in ebonics, broke, strapped, rapper, rapist, drug dealers, alcholics 

Mexican- illegal, janitors, does manual labor for low prices, delivers pizza 

Chinese/Japanese/Korean- delivers Chinese food, smart in math and science, can't speak English, wannabe rappers 

White- spoiled, rockers, racist, wannabe black, kiss asses, bossy, punk rocker, pussy ass, afraid of a nigga wigger or wanksta 

Arab/ Iraq / Indian- wears turbans, owns convenience stores, smelly, angry, terrorist

Cheerleaders: Vain, slutty bitches who are way too self-absorbed

Emos: Attention-seeking, depressed, angsty teens (Fakes, wannabes, attention-seekers=the majority of emo population these days)

Celebrities: Over-paid actors and musicians just waiting to be judged and showered with overrated popularity; "Scandalous"


All muslims are terrorists and want to kill people in suicide bombings. (what a loada crap)

All chinese people are very clever

Americans are all obese

All emo people do is sit down and think about how the world sucks and cut themselves and end up killing themselves.

Black people are deadly gangsters

People who listen to rap are gang members

People who listen to rock/punk/etc are emo/gothic and that R'n'B, hiphop and shit like that is the 'right' music to listen to.

Just try to be who you are, not what people want you to be or what you think you want to be. Be who you really are. Stereotyping gets rid of individualism and makes everyone similar, which to be honest, is pretty boring.

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