Thursday, November 29, 2012

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Ola lads!
How's ya doin'?
Living an unproductive life lately. All I do after school is browsing, read a book, cuddling with my pillow or watching dvd marathon. Not taking nap because usually it makes me insomnia at night and it's kinda frustrating me ya know. And it's actually still raining outside which makes me more lazy and go lazier.
Frankly, I want holiday, I want rest. Or get hibernate exactly. Cause sometimes I think my body get extremely weak if I get too tired. Yes, now I'm tired for no reason.
Final exams will come less than 2 weeks ( just took a look on my calendar just now). Urgggghh, nightmare! Seriously, I've feelings that our mid-term test was just ended yesterday and suddenly we will having test aggainnn??!
What a lame school life I have. Seems like other schools students are more more more happier than we are.  I wish I can skip my exam and get prepare for Christmas holiday *sigh*


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