Monday, December 3, 2012

My favorite month of the year!<333
Sweater. snowman. reindeer. christmas socks. mistletoe. santa claus. snowflakes. good movies on TV. holiday. bells jingled. red and green colours. christmas tree. 
Got pile of  stuff that I love to share with you guys but just not in mood right now.
Just wanna to visit and say hello and also notify that I wasn't swallowed by the earth. Okay.
It's been decade since I share my latest playlist no? Well, maybe I'll share some not-so-update songs that stuck in my head currently.

If you leave me now- Chicago
Skinny love- Birdy
No one like you- Zack Austin
Little things- One Direction
Begin again- Taylor Swift
Sugar town- Zooey Deschannel
Brighter than sunshine- Aqualung
Lucky strike- Maroon 5
The guy that says goodbye to you is out of his mind- Griffin house

Hope this month will be as good as I wish,xx

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