Sunday, December 30, 2012

2 o one three

Wowowow! 2 more days to 2013 huh? excited? nervous? okay okay, calm down. hahaha
Time flies real fast, just felt 2012 was about to start and we still doubt and a little scared about the mayan ended calendar that will cause doomsday or big disaster blablabla on december 2012 and now look, we have been through it and well nothing's happen for god's sake.
We'll gonna facing new year, new challenge, new dramas, new achievements and new resolution. (well although I'm not sure I've achieve my 2012 resolution completely yet,ups) How about your next resolution fellas? Hope it will gonna be perfect! :)
If mine, I want to take my dream to the next level, be a better person, and particularly make my parents proud of me. Wise people says, you don't always get what you want but if you make efforts, you'll get what you need. Eseh, so wise leh.
Fyi, I'd blogging for more than a year ( so happy 1st anniversary for c'est ma vie!;D ) Thanks for all your great supports, pretty people and lovely comments. lololol, wish I can keep on blogging and talk to you guys. hehe, I love to share things and my thoughts. like what I'm doing right now?

adding some of my absurd faces.

Since I have no instagram, I still upload my daily pics here. hehe, enjoy.
I got my christmas gifts from 3 pwetty sweet girls,hahaha as seen on third picture above.
jovani gave me starbucks tumbler, sketch papers, and a bracelet. josvita gave me a novel and some pencils. and melina gave me a huge book. Aw, thanks guys! Love yayaya <3 this is the best christmas, I admit.

Just finished watching korean drama Innocent man, now I don't know what to do again in my life.

best regards for the best year ahead,xx


  1. Let's toss for not having Instagram (yet) ahahaha

    Anyway, cute photos--and happy new year in advance!

    cheers from Jakarta,
    Putri Soe

  2. Lovely post! and I should say that I truly love all your photos!

    they are just too lovely and sweet!


  3. make instagram please! you have such a beautiful pictures!!

  4. Your friend sooo sweet<3
    Happy new year, anyway :))
    wanna follow each other?


  5. great post and pics !
    anyway, happy new year !

    following you now,hope you follow back ;)

  6. hey i wanna follow your blog but i don't know where is the follo button hahaha can you help me to find the button?

  7. I just found this blog and just love it, direct follow you via GFC, keep up the good work
    Oh and Happy new year for you and good luck for 2013

    Herdiana Surachman


  8. Hai Sweetie, Happy New Year !
    Great sketch, I'm Fashion Designer too :)
    Following u