Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Out of blue

Cardigan Mango / Top vintage / Pants random online / Sling bag granny's vintage / Loafers Vincci

I love the panda sling bag, it's vintage and it's fluffy!!! It was belonged to my granny, but now I think I can have it. It's cute,hihihi.
Pardon moi for the super boring pictures background anyway, because there's the only place in my house with better natural lightning. Since there's no volunteer who want to take some pictures for me outdoor or some beautiful places so I think thats it *soob*
I forgot to mention yesterday about some tiny changes I did on my blog. Well, do you like it? I'm a kind of lack-of-advanced-technology-thingy person so I try to make it easy and as simple as I could. Well, you can check Jovani and Melina 's blog, they did some cute changes too!
Okay, nothing to babble about. Bye!

P.S Ignore my messy hair and weird face. Okay. Bye.

"That's the real trouble with the world,
Too many people grow up."
-Walt Disney


  1. Actually this title is what I'm going to use on my next post :p lol

  2. love the combination,love the sling bag! we got the same cardigan btw! hihi xx

    1. hahhaha,thankyou love!really?You should wear on your outfit post too!xx

  3. ahh! so obsessed with your panda bag! it's SO adorable!
    Happy New Year! (:

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