Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Hello! I think its almost a millenium since my last post. *okay too exaggerating* Or maybe almost 2 weeks I think. But still miss blogging so much. Actually I'm still on my exam week and supposed to study not sitting and staring in front of my laptop screen. haha. Tomorrow is biology turn. I think my brain is about to explode and break into pieces. pathetic. Thinking about other school sudent who having a nice holiday already, hanging out somewhere or having a cool vacation. Us? Still facing exam, study hard day night, and come to school every morning wearing stupid uniform for the next 3 days. Okay, people says time flies faster than you think and when I open my eyes it's holiday already! I hope so. 

And for the grieve news a couple days ago about the tragic shooting at Connecticut. I can't imagine how it feels for the victims family. Its like less than 2 weeks for christmas and close enough to new year. More than a dozen innocent kids and teachers were killed by conscientious cold-blooded man. Hope that all our prayers go out to the children and their family. May God bless them.

Next post will be outfit turn. Stay tune! :)

mom's birthday 2 weeks ago. Lol, my dad pretended having a muscular chest.

Found this awesome book under a huge pile of books.


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