Saturday, January 5, 2013

Good vibes

Tee vintage / leather jacket mom's / short mom's / loafer vintage / clutch mom's

I know what I wore this time was utterly simple. The mickey tee is actually my cousin's. She gave me like a long time ago. So you can called it vintage? The short and the leather jacket and the clutch are actually mom's. Honestly, I love to expose mom's closet, dig up clothes and stuffs, try mix and match one by one. 
Sstt, this is secret between us kay?
My stomach isn't feel really good for the last 2 days. feel some kind of stomachache or sth. It's like everytime I eat or my stomach is full, it will starts to gain pain. well, often when I walk too :<
I feel that the center of the pain is on the side of my stomach. And the reason  it doesn't work normally because I eat like mammooth currently? well whatevs but the point is it's killing me and i'm kind of suffering at night when I go to sleep. p a t h e t i c 
Well, school will start on monday! Excited??? probably no. I will miss my bed my couch and hours of sleep and watching DVD so badly. *soob* Fuh, even the most swanky party will surely have its end right?
Anyway, I want to tell you something remarkable I've done today. 
*drum rolls*
I work out! Finally, wht a long time since my last exercises? actually my mom insisted me to like every second!  muahaha, healthy life eh? Although only 15 minutes of treadmill it really made me sweat like crap. Never felt so healthy before, well maybe I've to do it often! ^^ 


" We're all damaged in our way. 
Nobody's perfect. I think we are all somewhat screwy, every single one of us."
-Johnny Depp


  1. I love your jacket! I'm forever jealous of girls who have mothers with stealable (tis a word!?) clothing.
    Also, that's so weird starting school again in Jan. In NZ our school year starts and ends in the same year (Feb-Dec).

    The Lovelorn

  2. I really love your earrings :>
    I followed your blog sweetie. I hope you follow back :>


  3. Love that tee and cute earring you have <3

  4. lovely outfit !
    love the leather jacket!


  5. cool jacket!

  6. love the earring and jacket<3

  7. great T !

  8. this look is understated chic. love it. especially the round shades.

    cheers from Jakarta,
    Putri Soe

  9. pretty eye earring!