Thursday, January 3, 2013

Those sweet antidote

Cardigan Mango / Top unbranded / Short unbranded / Tights Topshop / Shoes gifted

Happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, its been a year huh?lolololol. as you know I'm officially 16 now. Okay, so happy happy! One year more I'll get my driving license and ID card and hangout late night permitted, woo seems so fast huh. Talk about my birthday yesterday was really really.... amazing, gratifying, amusing and really awesome in simple ways! The night before my birthday my 2nd brother called me and sang happy birthday song to me and yeah it was really sweet and I cried like crap, well although it's simple but it was really touching me. Elvia also called me at the midnight, saying happy birthday, hahaha, that late night call..we sounds like a couple in love. hahaha, thankyou babe! And the next morning it's actually 12 in the afternoon and I'm still sleeping like a pig jovani came to my house and surpriseddd mee ! Haha, it's so sweet!! okay I felt not cool that day because still using my pijamas and oh my sleepy face look like crap. She gave me present! So sweet, uurrgggghh. Really love it by the way, a shoes, yup I wore it on pictures above! Lovely right? and how did you knew my size? :O

And hera, vivian, clarissa came to my house at night bringing cake and well their surprise was epic failed. Hahaha, but I love it tho!! So, hera made prank calls previously and asking for my dad, and how dare she was mentioned my dad's hokkien name with "Mr" no-added. hahaha. Her motive was wanting to purchase some goods from my dad. Frankly, my dad is not that swag parents that could hiding surprise smoothly.
So, I knew it! Thanks guys omg
and for my 16 my brother bought me cake, well, like finally! I don't know when the last time I'd a cake for my birthday. Well let's says..forever?
Anyway, massive thankyou for everything, for the efforts, for the greetings, sweet surprises, and lovely gift. 
One things to admit... this is my flawless birthday ever! :)

P.S I'm currently watching Lying Games, well I'm sort of addicted and short story, I'm now a zombie staring on television screen for the last 4 hours. Kay,bye.



  1. OMG!!! such a pretty looks , so beautiful and your headband <3

    This is real and This is me

  2. lovely outfit, love the colors :)

    stay in touch!

  3. Nice outfit and happy new year


  4. Happy New year!
    Love your shoes
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  5. I just came across your blog on lookbook and I love it :)

    I was wondering if you would maybe like to follow each other? Please let me know on my blog so I can follow back if you do!

  6. I love those short so pretty :)

  7. girlish Look;)
    may be we can follow each other-let me know and I'll return the favor!


  8. NICE OUTFIT! LOVE YOUR LEG WEAR I hope you can check back my blog for my new post ;)

    NEW POST UP: Blog Updates, Life Updates and New year's resolutions/goals


  9. such cute polkadots tights. I love!

  10. cute outfit!!
    love your looks:D

  11. love the overall look! happy belated bithday and happy new year hihi xx

  12. very cute outfit, you look so sweet!

  13. You have a wonderful blog :"> I love your outfit, for a 16 y/o girl you are truly a has style :>

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