Friday, November 11, 2011


Hello,swagger ;) 

I think not much thing I could say.Okay,my mind is empty,empty,keep emptying....BLAH.
Maybe I'm going to Sun tomorrow (PS: Sun plaza is one of the most boring mall in Medan.)I'll buy the shoes I'm craving for a long time,hehehe.And,the worst thing for this weekend is....


An awful horrible silly thing for some students,included me.
Especially when there are many PRETTY scores on it,WOW.
My mom will chopped my head-____- 
God,please backspace all my ugly red mark.
I do sin,many and much.But you're the one when I needed a help.
Yeah,I beg you again this time.
Please.Please.Don't let my teacher give me that horrible letter.

Well,I got this from tumblr.Check it out,guys..

This maybe one of small thing in life,but its really make me..

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